My Charities

$9 a month
Giving up the cost of a couple mochas to support relief and development projects in AFRICA. There are several projects within the Mocha Club to support. The division I chose to help is the homes for raped mothers and their children who are cast out of their villages because of it. Rebels and militia run through these villages and not only take possessions, but take women in every possible way. Instead of comforting these women, they are cast aside and forbid to return. My dollars go to the help, aid, support of these women and children, their homes, schooling, food, and job training to support themselves. $9 is all it takes. 
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$30 a month
Over 900,000 people have received access to clean water not through donated water or handouts, which just leads them to depend on others, but through wells that are placed for them to use. You aren't giving them a bottle of water for one-time use, we're giving these villages wells that provide clean water, every day, to all. The blood water mission goes to these countries and not only give them clean water wells, but help in abolishing AIDS as well. When these people have AIDS, the dirty, bacteria ridden water is what kills them. They never even stood a chance with their weak immune systems. With clean water, they have a chance to fight it. Blood water mission also gives them the knowledge and understanding of how the disease is contracted and spread in hopes of teaching them how to take their fate in their own hands and help their people. 
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$25 a month
I think St. Jude's speaks for itself. They pay for the lodging, food, and care for children suffering from cancer and other diseases and their families while they undergo treatment.
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$5 one-time or monthly 
This program provides books for children that wouldn't get them otherwise. Books are donated all over the world to help stop illiteracy. Children get books and are hlped with programs to learn to read, help our kids be prepared for school and kindergarten by having the basic reading skills before they enter into the school systems, to give books to countries and children that can't even attend school.
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